The Sinetamer® solution encompasses the deployment of a 4th Generation Technology of surge and transient protection system.  We are more than just a typical lightning arrestor which can be found on electrical panels around the world.  Sinetamer® is an engineered solution designed for the ultrasensitive nature of all variations of microprocessor based devices.  Our 25+ years of experience and an existing range of over 80,000 different devices and a customer centric engineering team virtually assure a solution for your organization.

Surprising to many, it is not the catastrophic surge events from lightning or utility companies that create software confusion and downtime. Therefore up to 99% of all other surge protection devices are ineffective in addressing such events.  Only the Frequency Attenuation Network found in the Sinetamer® products can effectively reduce or eliminate often up to 80% of the causes of all electrical/electronic equipment failures experienced by entities around the world.


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Do you have unexplained VFD or PLC failures or lockups?
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LA and RM Units

Level 1 - The LA and RM units were designed specifically for the highly competitive International markets. The LA units are 10 mode - frequency attenuation network units and the RM units are reduced mode - frequency attenuation network- UL94V enclosure - non-DRC - competitively priced devices.

 SineTamer Advantage Units

Level 2 - Threshold Clamping Advantage Series Suppressors - Level 3 - Frequency Attenuation Network Advantage Series Suppressors - Both with true 10 mode dedicated components, UL1449 Third Edition, CE Mark, Nema 1 composite enclosures, others available as an option, Standard Thermal Fusing - Many available options.

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